YWCA Rwanda celebrates International Day of the Girl Child in Nyaruguru District in Rwanda

Admin ACTUALITES, Non classé octobre 15, 2016

YWCA Rwanda with its close Partner Plan International celebrated on Saturday 15th October 2016 the day of the girl child under the theme “to build a model family for a child “Twubake umuryango ubureye umwana” with the rest at Cyahinda in Nyaruguru district focusing on supporting girls’ future through Education and Financial training in order to strengthen gender social-economic status of the girl child in the community set up. The schools were the above event was held are Kibangu, Masinga, Runyombyi, Rusaro and St Paul girls’ schools.

The event attended by prominent dignitaries with different statuses emphasized in their speeches that there should be a clear dialog on the community awareness and sensitization on different barriers that hinder young women and girls from achieving their desired goals. During the celebrations girls from different schools in the locality were fully sensitized about their rights and their dream goals and how they can achieve them through Education and discipline where they were assured of becoming patriotic and responsible women with good values in the community hence influencing behavioral disciplines of people which is an equity towards achieving their own desired goals.

The International day of the girl child which is always celebrated on the 11th October annually was this time celebrated on Saturday 15th October 2016; just because the celebrations were combined with the woman’s day which took place in Nyaruguru district at Cahinda sector.

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