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. Information about the post

Reference Relance Réf449 / AR / SE / C-GL / 2020

COCAFEM / GL employer

Position title Specialist in Gender Equality (GE)

Place of employment Place to be discussed (possibility of Kigali, Bujumbura, UviraouGoma)

Duration of the contract One year, with a trial period of 3 months

Probable entry date March 5, 2020, if possible depending

Immediate Superior Regional Coordinator

I. Context of the project

The “Girls Education for a Better Future (ÉDUFAM)” project is a project funded by Global Affairs Canada (AMC) and implemented by the Paul Gérin-Lajoie Foundation (FPGL) and the Center for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI) , Canadian NGOs, and their partners in Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lasting 4 years (2020-2023), the EDUFAM project aims to empower girls and displaced, refugee, returnee and disabled women and girls in the Great Lakes region. The project will target three main issues related to the education of vulnerable girls in the region, namely (1) obstacles to access to primary, secondary and vocational training for girls, (2) the quality and adaptation of educational services focused on equality and the specific needs of girls, and (3) the leadership of girls and women in decision-making and the promotion of their right to education.

The Concertation of Collectives of Women’s Associations in the Great Lakes region (COCAFEM / GL) created in 2001 by women’s organizations in three countries, namely: Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, having realized the need to set up a regional network for better coordination and synergy of their interventions with the aim

improve the socio-economic conditions of women, children and the general population.

The concertation has made good progress in the realization of women’s rights, promotion of gender, participation of women in governance, political leadership and the fight against sexual and gender-based violence in the last 18 years of its existence.

The vision of COCAFEM / GL is to see a peaceful region of the Great Lakes where each citizen, man, woman and child fully enjoys all its rights. Its mission is to contribute to the promotion of the culture of peace, tolerance, non-violence, equality between men, encourage the participation of women in regional and national development programs and contribute to the promotion of their position in housekeeper and leadership, as well as the emergence of their economic power.

At the regional level, the CECI-FPGL consortium will work in partnership with COCAFEM / GL and through its 3 local or national members, CAFOB in Burundi, ProFemmes in Rwanda and COFAS in DRC, in the implementation of components 1120, 1220, 1310 and 1320 in connection with community and female mobilization aimed at reducing obstacles to the education of women and girls.

Ill. Description of tasks

Under the authority of the Regional Coordinator of the ÉDUFAM Project, as a specialist in gender equality, the person will be responsible for technical support in the field of gender equality (EFH). He or she provides technical advice, direction and guidance to the project team based on good practices in order to enhance the value and learning of the project in addition to ensuring quality implementation.

Sectoral expertise

  • Strategic adviser on the implementation and monitoring of the project’s WFS strategy at all stages of the project by the implementation of strategies aimed at reducing social and cultural obstacles to the participation of girls, adolescents and women in education
  • Provide technical support to project staff and partners on issues of inclusive, quality and gender-sensitive education
  • Develop tools (policies, plans and procedures) for managing the protection of girls, adolescents and women and improve their access to education
  • Support the regional coordination of the project, to produce the main documents and technical reports concerning the interventions and practices in matters of inclusive education
  • Provide technical support to country collectives on issues of inclusive, quality and gender-sensitive education
  • In collaboration with the regional coordination of the project, support studies, the development of sectoral strategies in education and the development of proposals to improve the education of women, adolescent girls and girls
  • Manage and implement the advocacy plan based on the analysis of policies, laws, advocacy strategies including the development of argumentative policy briefs, advocacy note and other advocacy documents on education of women, adolescent girls and girls Provide advisory support to various advocacy actions at community and national levels to increase the voice and leadership of women, adolescent girls and girls, and improve their access to education
  • Support the strategic watch of gender equality issues, women’s and girls’ rights and women’s movements at national and regional level
  • Contribute significantly to gender and education thinking, and the participation of women and girls in citizen debate at community and national levels in Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda Share experiences and lessons learned based on the results of the project and lead knowledge management in the area of ​​gender equality in the education sector Implementation Project
  • Support the Regional Coordinator of the EDUFAM project in the annual planning and programming exercises of the project Ensure that the gender equality approach is integrated into all stages of project planning, implementation and reporting Support the Regional Coordinator of the EDUFAM project and the member organizations of the three countries in the establishment of a competent team for the execution of project activities
  • Monitoring the quality assurance of reports produced by national players to be presented to technical and financial partners Monitor the implementation of project activities in beneficiary communities and educational institutions Serve as a liaison with the organizations and associations of women involved in the project in Burundi, in DR Congo / South Kivu and in Rwanda and the regional coordination, through national experts from EFH

Define, in collaboration with stakeholders, project staff in, the Directorates of the ministries involved and the heads of partner establishments in the three countries, the strategies for implementing the recommendations made during studies, research and evaluations

Assist the Regional Coordinator in the preparation of meetings and the organization of meetings, workshops and conferences at level I

Represent EDUFAM in various instances, as needed Perform all other appropriate tasks according to the circumstances and needs of the program at the request of the hierarchy

Monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning

Contribute to the planning, implementation and publication of studies and evaluations conducted as part of the project

Contribute to the completion of the basic data study and mid and end of project evaluations

Set up a dynamic data collection system to ensure that the results of the project are measured regularly and anticipate the necessary corrections

Coordinate data collection processes when monitoring and evaluation tools are updated Identify, document and promote good practices for the project, particularly in the field of education

IV. Profile of the Applicant

Nationality: Burundian, Congolese or Rwandan (With equal skills, female candidates are strongly encouraged).


University education (BAC + 5) minimum and more in Social Sciences (sociology, psychology), education, international relations, law, gender or any other relevant field Specific professional experience Knowledge and proven work experience of at least 8 years on gender issues in Burundi, DR Congo and / or Rwanda; Good knowledge of the legislation of non-governmental organizations and civil societies on the rights of women, adolescents and girls and their access to education in Burundi, the DR Congo and / or Rwanda; Proven expertise in gender equality, ideally with in-depth knowledge on education in the context of population displacement and on issues related to the education of girls Experience working with or for the Ministries of Gender and Education Proven experience in planning, development, monitoring and evaluation of regional projects;

Perfect mastery of international norms and standards in the promotion of women’s rights and gender-sensitive planning and budgeting tools;

Proven experience in developing policies, plans and procedures for the protection of women, adolescent girls and girls

Experience and good knowledge of issues related to democratic governance; Excellent communication, lobbying and advocacy skills to increase the voice and leadership of women and girls and improve their access to education Experience in projects funded by different international donors (experience in projects funded by the Canadian government is an asset) Consortium work experience an asset

Required Skills

Fluency in French, which is the project’s reporting language. Excellent writing skills Ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines Ability to react quickly, perform multiple tasks and meet deadlines Ability to work with various stakeholder groups, such as community members, local partners, government representatives, donor representatives Commitment to work in a team by adopting a positive attitude in a spirit of collaboration Proven autonomy and initiative Sensitivity to gender equality issues Great sense of leadership Computer skills in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, internet, Outlook and social networks etc.

Good analytical and judgmental skills, Good communication and interpersonal skills

V. Contact

Any candidate interested in this offer is asked to send a motivation letter in French, a detailed CV with 3 reference people with their contacts, copies of diplomas conforming to the original, a certificate of services rendered and a letter of recommendation, no later than midnight March 1, 2020, local time in Bujumbura – Burundi, to the email address: cocafem.grandslacs@gmail_corn, with copies to the following addresses:; nzoyihayaemmanuella@gmail.corn, antovangu@yahoo.fret

For more information, contact the following number: +257 22 27 96 21.

Bujumbura, February 18, 2020
MUTUMW1NKA Marguerite / President of COCAFEMGL

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