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Previously, my husband did not agree to collaborate with me. Within our home, he did not value the advice I gave him, unlike the value he placed

on the advice he received from his male friends. Anything I could say had no value, he said that I was just a problem, that nothing I could tell him could lead to anything positive. But through awareness, it started to change. Today, for example, as soon as he receives his pay, he shows it to me and gives me all the money, asking me to think about what we could do with it to help us at home.

CLARIS NEEMA Reconciled couple/ Rutshuru – RDC

I was this kind of man who was just waiting to eat food, but thanks to the sensitizations received, currently my share household chores, when she’s busy doing something, I try to help her. If she’s going to peel the potatoes, I’ll go get some water..

Mari de CLARIS NEEMA /Rutshuru – RDC

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